Djibouti–ambouli International Airport Apron View

Under the Chairmanship of His Excellency, Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic, Head of Government took place yesterday Tuesday July 07 2020, the 12th meeting of the Council of Ministers. The main information from this council is the upcoming opening of air borders on July 17, 2020 and this in the context of economic recovery. This decision is motivated by the health situation currently under control in the country regarding the coronavirus epidemic.

On this occasion the Minister of Health made a communication on the evolution of the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in our country. Currently more than 48,000 tests have been performed and the positivity rate is around 10%. It reports a significant drop in cases in intensive care. He also informed that the government has decided to set up a passenger reception center within the Airport for the screening of Covid-19. All passengers from abroad will therefore benefit from a Covid-19 PCR test to verify their status. He stressed that the government, by imposing a test on anyone entering the national territory, intends to prevent the introduction of new cases.

In addition, the Council of Ministers has examined and adopted several texts including, among others, a Draft Decree on the modalities of access, operation and communication of the National Register of Natural Persons. The purpose of the draft decree is to fix the legal and regulatory framework and determine the terms of access, operation and communication of the National Register of Natural Persons. This Register is a digital instrument which consists in giving a National Unique Identification Number in order to ensure a better guarantee of security of administrative and identity documents of users of the Djiboutian administration.

The members of the government also adopted a draft Decree on Composition, Characteristic and Scope related to the National Identification Number (NNI).

Taken in application of Law n ° 39 / AN / 19 / 8th L, this draft decree aims to define the composition, characteristics and fields of application of the National Identification Number. The government wants to improve the operational efficiency of the administration, to ensure a maximum level of security against fraud, theft and identity theft. He plans to respond to this scourge by creating a secure and reliable infrastructure. The National Identification Number remains a secure and unique number for each Djiboutian and Djiboutian but also for foreigners with specific references.

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