Taiwan Somaliland Ties

The White House National Security Council has tweeted its support of strengthened informal ties between Taiwan and Somaliland.

On July 1, Taiwan and Somaliland announced plans to exchange representative offices.

The White House National Security Council tweeted “Great to see Taiwan stepping up its engagement in East Africa in a time of such tremendous need.” The tweet went on to say “Taiwan is a great partner in health, education, technical assistance, and more!”

Somaliland is a self-declared state in the Horn of Africa region. Its 1991 declaration of independence from Somalia is not yet internationally recognized. However, it maintains informal diplomatic contacts with a range of countries through a network of representative offices.

Both Taiwan and Somaliland have already appointed envoys. However, Taiwan said plans to establish an office in Somaliland are currently on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and flights resume.


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