MOGADISHU (HOL) – South and central regions of Somalia are currently experiencing internet shut-downs in what local telcos said was a result of routine maintenance.

The country’s largest telecommunications operator, Hormuud Telecom said in a tweet Saturday morning the disruptions will go on for an ‘unspeficied time’.

“We are sorry to inform you that the internet will be shut down for maintenance purposes by the cable operator for unspecified period of time. Please bear with us while the problem will be resolved,” the telco said.
It added that it will provide back up internet for ‘our customers where possible.’

The outage comes barely two months after a similar outage was experienced in July when the country went offline for two days.

Telecommunications Minister Abdi Ashur Hassan said then the outage was a result of a damage on submarine optic cable but noted the resumption of internet was still on temporary basis until a final solution is arrived at.

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