The giant dam Ethiopia has constructed on the Blue Nile

Ethiopia says a controversial mega dam it’s building over the Blue Nile will start generating electricity in a month.

The announcement by the country’s water ministry comes as the two downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan, continue to raise concerns that the dam will impact their essential water supplies.

The $5bn (£3.6bn) project is aimed at providing power to tens of millions of Ethiopians, which could transform people’s lives and the economy.

Speaking to the BBC, Water Minister Sileshi Bekele said that an initial 750 megawatts of electricity will be produced by two of the dam’s turbines.

When it’s finished, the dam is expected to generate eight times that amount.

The project has caused tension between Ethiopia and its neighbours, with Egypt and Sudan worried about droughts and water security.

But, at a time when Ethiopia is enmeshed in a costly civil war, this is a rare bit of good news for many in the country.

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